Monday, October 13, 2008

Personal Goals

Recently I became frustrated with my past lifestyle. I went more than 1 year without riding, I put on 40 lbs, I was spending too much time on the computer and avoiding outdoor activities. To address this I made a number of changes.

  1. I stopped all computer games and MMOs.
  2. I went on a simple diet, just cutting out soda, healthy snacks instead of garbage, smaller meals. I also added breakfast.
  3. I started commuting by bike (or trike) again.
  4. I added weekend rides to my routine.
  5. I cleaned out the garage to make into a bike workshop, so I can do my own maintenance and upgrades.
  6. I started a blog.

At this point I am 3 weeks into my commuting and planning a new bike for the spring. I have lost about 7 lbs and plan on training all winter.

I have set some performance goals.
  1. I will do the STP in July 2009, the Seattle to Portland ride is 202 miles over two days. After living in the Pacific NW for 8 years I will finally do this incredible ride.
  2. I will work on my riding, specifically on my climbing ability.
  3. I will improve my pedal stroke and my cadence aka spinning.
  4. I will join the Cascade Bicycle Club in the spring for training and comradery.
  5. I will improve my balance and handling on my 2 wheel recumbent.
Assuming I get my cadence up and my stroke improved I should be able to take my Rans Vivo to work this winter. I ride uphill for about 1.5+ miles on my current route, so getting my speed and cadence up for the Vivo to go to work is a big deal. I will have my gps (Edge 305) soon so I can show my route, speed, elevation profile, heartrate and cadence soon. I will work on the trike for more power, and to improve my spinning, the Vivo to prove it out.

If the winter goes well with the Vivo and climbing I will get a new recumbent in January/Febuary. At the moment the Bacchettas are looking really good. In particular the Giro 20TT and the Corsa 24. But the test ride is everything. If the Corsa doesn't work out I may look at lowracers such as the Optima Baron. But given my needs for a bike, the high racers are a better fit. My preference is for the Corsa at this point, but there may be issues of reaching the ground with my short legs (38.5 x-seam). The Giro 20TT is an incredible deal and well equipped. I am going back and forth on the issue. A test ride is needed.

I tried an earlier model of the Giro 20 in 2006, this is a shot of my test ride. I was looking for something different back then and was very new to recumbents so I didn't get it. The Giro 20TT is similar to the one pictured but has disk brakes, better components and an aluminum frame. It should be a good deal and a nice ride to do the STP on. If I get the Giro 20TT or the Corsa 24 I will be selling the trike. I may or may not keep the Vivo. One thing I learned commuting by bike for 8 years is that a backup bike is well worth the investment.

So I have a plan, with a few carrots built into the mix as well. Lets see how well I do.

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