Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain says NY, DC, Northern VA all part of Fake America

In last nights interview with ABC, McCain and Palin had a joint interview with Brian Williams. I suppose they don't trust each other now. McCain was nice enough to identify the elite anti-American forces that live among us. They live in NYC, in Washington DC, in Georgetown. The metro DC and metro NYC areas are all now part of fake America. At least according to McCain.

I am having a hard time writing this. I keep wanting to type McCain's name as McSame, or McThug, maybe McAnythingToWinThePresidency, or McMeFirst. Really the hypocrisy is getting so thick that it is hard to breathe. McCain is the elite, McCain is the one spending his 70th Birthday on Yachts in Monaco with con men and hollywood starlets. McCain is the one who has had a pampered life of privilege. He is sitting next to a woman who spent $150k on clothes, not all of which can be accounted for?

McCain and Palin have both been convicted of ethics violations. This is insane! We know they are corrupt, they have both been found guilty of ethics violations, and their campaign is rife with lies and negativity. Why would we believe anything they say?

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