Saturday, October 25, 2008

New One Hour record - unfaired recumbent

Dutch rider Gert Jan Wijers has set a new one hour record at 50.389km set by Sean Costin last year.

He set a blistering pace while covering 50.389km in the allotted time. That is 31.317 mph for one hour. He broke the record set by Sean Costin last year. Sean's record was 29.76 miles. The UCI unfaired TT diamond frame bike record is 56.375 km set by Chris Boardman in 1996. Recumbents will break this record eventually. M5 and the crowd were very happy when Gert Jan Wijers broke the record. Congrats to Gert and M5 team on the new record.

Sean's old record run is here.
I removed the embedded video as it autoplayed and I was unable to disable the autoplay

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