Saturday, October 18, 2008

Transit and Energy independance

I am a big believer in mass transit, particularly trains, light rail and street cars. Small town America was created due to our growing rail system. To quote Lance Mannion
The first suburbs sprang up at the end of the 19th Century and were built not off of highways but along rail lines. They were small towns that in growing grew into one another but did not lose their individual identities or economies and many of those not only still exist but still thrive as distinct towns with prospering main streets.
So when we think about the need for energy independence we need to think about transit. Reducing cars and eliminating huge parking lots will go a long way to making the places we live much more beautiful and livable. I was reading this excellent article how if the next administration develops transit, the work can be used to create jobs and improve the economy. It is well worth the read. Investing in our infrastructure is exactly the kind of long term thinking we need in Government. US enterprise is all short term thinking, where are my profits next quarter style thinking. We need to take a longer view.

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