Monday, October 6, 2008

Bike Envy

Lately I have been suffering from bike envy. I find myself wanted a faster, lighter ride. The desire is a recumbent that climbs well and moves fast. There are a few recumbents that fall into this category.

First - The Lightning P-38. This bike is a classic, well known for its responsiveness, low speed handling and climbing power. It isn't cheap but as it has been produced for more than a decade, used bikes are available. Weight: roughly 22-26 lbs based on accessories.

Second - The Lightning Phantom. A cheaper version of the P-38, this is less available used and may end up costing more because of it. The components are generally not as good and it will weigh more than the p-38. Roughly 28lbs for this bike.

Third - The Barcroft Dakota. Barcroft is a direct sales only, made to order shop. The SWB (Short Wheel Base) recumbent has been attributed to them. The Dakota is their steel touring/all around recumbent. A great bike, and Barcroft has an excellent service record. Definitely a chance to pick up used.

Fourth - Lightning R-84 Carbon. This is being sold used by a local, dangerous territory for me. The pricing is very nice too, this is a $6k + bike new, especially outfitted the way it is now. The seller wants $3.7k. But as I can't afford this, I must pass. The bike is 19lbs as outfitted in the picture.

With this bike we are firmly in bike envy land, where I want high end machinery. Since we have a carbon, I should now go Titanium and so ...

The Rans Ti-Rex, only available as a frame set from Rans, but there are a number of Bike shops that will build this into a beautiful bike. This looks really nice, and I can test ride a V-Rex which is the heavier steel version. The V-Rex isn't in the running though because it is too heavy and slow. But the Ti-Rex is a dream.

The other titanium ride I was thinking about was the ...

Barcroft Virginia Titanium - checkout this review from BROL. The steel version of this bike isn't made anymore, the Virginia GT, otherwise it would be in this list. But the Ti one is, and it is drool worthy. I don't think I can afford it at all but OMG, it is so sweet.

There are a few more bikes in this category but they haven't yet really caught my eye. I should look at the Volae Century and kin, some of the Rans bikes are nice like the V-Rex (though heavy) but these are the drool bikes. The phantom and a used P-38 are probably the most attainable. Though an used version of any of these would be nice.

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