Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to navigate my blog

Blogspot does a pretty good job here, the user interface is pretty intuitive but I figured it would be smart to document a few of the features I use.

  1. Labels - I use labels to mark all of my posts. If you are interested in just checking out some of the topics I post on more than others use the labels. They are located on the left side of my blog. My current list of lables is Action, Ad, Blogs, comics, commuting, cycling, dogs, Finance, introduction, Politics, RNC, slideshow, transit, Trike, Video. Of these Video and Slideshow are indicators that a video or a photo slideshow are included in the post. Ad also generally means a video is present as I use that to mark Obama and McCain politcal ads. The other labels are all referring to the content. My most common topics today are Politics, Cycling, and Transit. Anything marked Finance today is about the bailout. Introduction is used to mark my first post and self-referential posts such as this one. Documentation and help basically.
  2. Older Posts - at the bottom of the page is a link to older posts that fell off the front page, you can go back a page a time to the beginning of this blog.
  3. Archives - the left panel has a spot for archives, which has a month by month list of titles. You can limit the page to posts from a given month, a given year or a particular post.
  4. Subscribe to Duncan's Brain - at the bottom of the left panel is a link to my two RSS feeds that I provide. One for any comments and the other for my posts. I use Google Reader to read all of my blogs via RSS so I wanted to provide that option for any who read my site.
Hope this helps.

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