Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain Campaign divides Virgina up one more time

Nancy Pfotenhauer speaking for the McCain campaign sticks her foot deeply in her mouth. Unfortunately for the McCain campaign it doesn't prevent her from talking. Apparently his campaign is so delusional that it is now campaigning for non-existent states electoral votes. See this map.

As you can see Real Virginia is the southern part of what we reality based readers call Virginia. Unfortunately for the McCain campaign it has no Electoral Votes.

As some of my old gamer friends would say EPIC FAIL. When did it become the smart move to insult more than half of a state that you need to win to become President? This is yet another sign of the end for John McCain's campaign. More divisive garbage, but not even powerful, evocative divisiveness. This is just flailing around, exposure of the internal rationalizations of what went wrong in the Campaign's inner mind. What is happening here is going to drag down the Republican ticket as a whole. This garbage makes all Republicans look bad. That is why Dino Rossi is running as "prefers GOP" party. That a corrupt Republican is afraid that the associations generated by the party name will drag him down speaks volumes. The Republicans are destined for a stern beating come November and it can't be happening to a more deserving party.

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