Thursday, October 9, 2008

Various Ramblings

Lots of news in the past week plus, but so much seems redundant. CNBC and the various financial news are freaking out over every rise and fall of the DOW. I don't see the point, we know the market is volatile, take a pill people. On the other hand Paulson seems to have realized his plan was crap and didn't recapitalize banks and so some of the provisions in the modified bailout plan may get exercised. The modified plan has provisions to take equity in return for direct recapitalization. It appears he is moving in that direction. (h/t Henry Blodget@Clusterstock )

Sarah Palin and McCain have gone extreme lately. The direct implications they are making, calling Obama a traitor and terrorist have yielded very dark fruit in their base. It is now common for their rallies to echo with the crys of "Kill him", "Terrorist", and "Traitor". I find this very disturbing, it seems that this is their 2012 plan, get Obama killed by a weak willed Hannity viewer. Insanity, for more on subject check it out here. I have family that are going through JFK flashbacks, this isn't good.

We all saw the debate I am sure. My wife and I went to our neighbors house and we had a debate party. They fixed a very nice dinner and we brought dessert. It is clear to me that Obama "won" the debate. He was much more presidential and had actual plans. The shorter townhall format worked against him as he prefers more substantive answers. McCain managed to fill his bits with two or three lies per answer, he also declined to repeat a number of the attacks to Obama's face. He is definitely intimidated by Obama. I think the "that one" comment was part of his temper issue. McCain looked so unsteady during the debate I thought he might keel over. It would have provided entertaining theater but my dislike of the man is due to his policies, his lies and his bullying nature.

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