Thursday, October 30, 2008

coding project

I have a Garmin Edge 305, which is a great tool. I love it. It has excellent reception and I have yet to have an issue with losing signal in 2 weeks of every day usage. Considering that with my old GPS I ran into signal issues on every ride, this is a major improvement.

The garmin is also great for generating data on each ride for training purposes. I push my data from my garmin into and the garmin SW every day. Great stuff but I want more reports, I want to see my miles grow over time, I want to see how my heartrate averages are doing, etc. I also want to link into bikejournal without having to do everything by hand.

So I am considering using published API's and tools to access the garmin directly and generate my own reports. I can also then make a one button push to publish to bikejournal which would be very nice for me.

Tools to look at for this:
  • Pygarmin - Python garmin library for accessing all sorts of garmin GPSs
  • This blog post talks about linux and the garmin edge.
  • GPSBabel is a great site for linux and GPSs

I will probably use a local DB to store the data and a python/TK front end. I want linux support to be a big part of this as I use linux at work and home though I still have a Windows PC around.

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