Sunday, October 5, 2008

Obama preempts McCains next step

McCain's campaign has publicly stated its plans to go on the attack. The goal is to use already discredited attacks such as association with Rev Wright, Ayers, and Tony Rezko to make Obama look guilty by association. Unfortunately for Republicans, most of their case against Obama is smoke and mirrors. Where if Obama hits back on the same subjects, Ms. Palin does seem to have a terrorist problem of her own, Todd Palin and the AIP. McCain's association with corruption is more stark, the Keating 5 and a history if intervening with regulatory agencies on behalf of lobbyists. One of those lobbyists, Vicki Iseman, comes with attach rumors of an illicit affair.

I personally think a detour into guilt by association is a non-starter with such substantive issues in play. The economy is front and center right now. I don't think McCain can make enough noise to drown it out. Obama's pre-emptive attack on this ploy strikes me as a good idea. For another example of how Democrats are dealing with negative and untrue attacks see this ad by Al Franken's team.

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