Monday, October 13, 2008

Get Out the Vote

As is typical Republican's are big friends of voter suppression, their favorite brand of voter fraud. Water carrying for them is John Stossel. This is why you see the Acorn hating and typical misinformation drive by Republicans. They can't point to one example of voter fraud in action. They love to talk about potential voter fraud. Then they illegally purge 1000s of voters from the rolls.

A good quote from Open Left:

(1) Registration fraud is not the same as voter fraud. Registration fraud, if not caught, produces phony names on voter roles, nothing more. Voter fraud produces illegal votes. Both are and should be illegal, but they are two entirely diffrent things.

(2) The perpetrators of registration fraud are overwhelmingly--if not exclusively--the employees of organizaitons like ACORN. The primary victims of registration fraud are those same organizations, who are paying for honest work that is not being done.

(3) There is virtually no evidence of any voter fraud in the US in recent years, despite the best efforts of the Bush Administration to dig up such evidence.

This video by the Bus Project is an excellent satirical response to the Stossel piece. In addition to the satire, you also see Stossel's assumptions disputed. A light tone is such a nice tool to use against such heavy handed oppression.

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