Saturday, October 18, 2008

Training Ride

So with my goal to ride the STP in July I need to bump up the miles. Additionally I want to get a new bike in February, that means I need to be more confident and fit on the recumbent. So I took out the Rans Vivo for a spin.
From Garmin305

My goal was 30 miles. I did 22.4 miles since I had a mechanical problem at 11ish miles. Here was my route (It is an out and back):

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I rode 22.53 miles in 1h 46min, according to the heart rate monitor, I averaged 138.5 bpm. I was in "zone 3 - aerobic zone" the entire ride, apparently I burned 1777 calories according to its computation.

I view the ride a massive success. I felt great and could have gone 30 miles instead of 22.5, but I was worried about the bent hanger on my front derailleur, my chain popped off during aggressive shifting and got wedged. A few minor repairs and I was off again. I will get the derailleur fixed this week. The Rans Vivo is definitely faster then the trike. I don't think I could have averaged 14.5 mph on the trike. All in all a great test ride for the Vivo and the Edge 305.

UPDATE: I managed to repair the derailleur and replaced the broken mirror. The Vivo is raring to go. I hope to do some testing on my climbing ability with the Vivo.

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