Thursday, October 23, 2008

The parable of the wardrobe and the haircut.

The Jed Report put this very nice video together. It shows the hypocrisy of Fox News and their coverage of the $150K of RNC money spent on Palin vs the $400 that Edwards spent on his haircut.

An interesting point is that the reason it was RNC money spent on Palin is that it would have been illegal for the McCain campaign to pay for it directly. The $150K value comes to $2400 a day for Ms. Palin (measuring from purchase to election). Michelle Obama's dress that she wore on the View cost $148. The dress nearly sold out nationwide after Michelle's appearance on the View. I suppose we can say it looked good in that case.

The rank hypocrisy from many Republicans on this topic is amusing, especially as they turn on each other since even many Republicans can't stomach this kind of chiseling.

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