Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ordered the new Bike today

I ordered my new Corsa today. This picture is equipped similarly to the one I ordered. Schmidt Dynohub, and Edelux on a one arm bandit mount (below) are part of the order. Fenders, mirror, short cranks, q-rings all made the cut as well.

I am extremely excited. I will be selling the trike after the new Corsa is ready and broken in. I am considering selling the Vivo as well. Pickup is scheduled for Saturday Morning. I think I will take it on a ride first thing.

I need help naming her. I was thinking about Sarah or Fiona but Kristin doesn't like either names. But this is my dream ride and needs a name. Any suggestions?


Bloggo said...

Duncan, I found your blog through ecovelo and I just wanted to say it's good. Keep it up.

Duncan Watson said...

Thank you very much.