Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Todd Hoax on Larry King Live

This clip is 11 minutes of Larry King Live, covering two issues. First, the hoax of Ashley Todd who carved a backwards B on her face and claimed to be attacked by a black man is getting a lot of coverage now. This segment leads off with it. I have avoided the issue but I am glad to see it was a hoax, the entire backwards B thing just screamed hoax. Luckily the evidence just didn't add up and the authorities connected the dots.

At about six and a half minutes in, Larry interviews Scott McClellan who just endorsed Obama. It is pretty obvious that Scott is done with Republicans. The Republican cries of traitor and the circular firing squads have pushed him away from Republicans. I don't think McClellan is unique and after this fiasco of a presidency and a fiasco of a campaign we will see more Republicans abandon the party.

I did find the second segment on Larry King Live quite interesting. Larry had all Republicans on the panel, yet it was still split between Obama and McCain. The bias is a bit obvious but still interesting to see lifelong Republicans endorse Obama.

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